TIANJIN JIURONG INDUSTRY TECH CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching wheel and tire test methods and developing corresponding inspection equipment and tools. Our products are served for wheel manufacturers, tire factories, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and third party testing organizations in more than 30 countries around the world. With a municipal enterprise technology center, our company has been committed to the research of wheel and tire testing technology, and has drafted many national and industrial standards.

Scope of business
–Provide various test rims and test equipment for the tire industry;
–Provide a complete set of test equipment and test tools for the wheel industry;
–Welcome customized orders from domestic and international wheel and tire companies with special needs.

Quality assurance
Running on the MOTO of “No empty talk, take any good advice, work very hard and make solid progress” and the work guideline of “Being meticulous and vigorous in work; taking service uttermost and brand first”, our company adheres to technological innovation and takes the rejuvenation of China’s automobile industry as our responsibility. Our products are manufactured in accordance with standards of GB, ISO, SAE, JIS, EUWA , DOT, ECE, TRIAS, TÜV, VIA, etc. We guarantee that our products meet the ISO9001 and CE in design, production, inspection, installation, commissioning, and service etc. We also ensure that all aspects of R&D and production, as well as after-sales service will satisfy our customers’ requirements and we will make continuous improvement.

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